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Featured Faculty

Learn more about Trident's featured faculty

Trident University is unique among online Universities in that it actively conducts research on a regular basis.  Trident has more than a 80% doctoral faculty including many professors who are leaders in their fields and are actively publishing with our doctorate students.

Trident is not simply shaped by its faculty; rather, they define it. Recognizing this, we are proud to feature

Dr. Angela Hegamin

"Learning is a joint endeavor between professor and student. For a partnership of this sort to work, each must avail herself to the possibilities beyond the limits of current understanding." Read More

Dr. Roger Rensvold

Professor, CBA

Photograph of Dr. Roger Rensvold

"It is a sin to teach theory before practice. Teach people how to do something, THEN explain the reasons why they need to do it that way, THEN explain the theory behind the reasons. This goes back to the most challenging job I ever had: teaching frightened teenagers to fly helicopters. If they'd been required to master theoretical aerodynamics before touching the controls, nobody would ever have left the ground.”
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Dr. Heidi Fernandez

Faculty Lead, General Education

Photograph of Heidi Fernandez

"As a former online college student, I am cognizant of the many challenges our students endure by furthering their education while maintaining employment. It is my objective to deliver a high quality, online education so that students can meet their educational goals while continuing their career or military service.” Read More

Dr. Gayl Anglin

Faculty Lead, MSHS

Photograph of Dr. Gayl Anglin

"As a public health researcher, I have been drawn to the needs of those without a voice of their own; I value the opportunity to use my knowledge to help others. This same belief in helping others transpires into my teaching.”
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Dr. Belal Kaifi

Professor, CBA

Photograph of Belal Kaifi

"I strive to help my students achieve their academic aspirations by not only being their professor but also their coach, mentor, and colleague.” Read More

Dr. Deborah Schreiber

Program Director, CHS

Photograph of Dr. Deborah Schreiber

"I have been at Trident University for ten years and our students continue to impress me year after year with the high level of commitment and dedication they show toward their academic studies. As adult learners, many aspects of our students’ professional and personal lives compete for their time and attention.” Read More

Dr. James Hodges

Professor, COE

Photograph of James Hodges

"As an alum of Trident University, I have witnessed first-hand what a degree from this wonderful institution can provide. Now, I am thrilled to be part of the team delivering this world-class education to students across the globe.” Read More

Dr. Patricia Rhynders

Program Director, BSHS

Photograph of Dr. Patricia Rhynders

"I am enthusiastic about helping to prepare health professionals who will promote health for all at the local, regional, national, and global levels.” Read More

Dr. Catherine Cameron

Professor, CBA

"MY GOAL is to SHARE, TEACH and GIVE BACK to society by not only sharing my knowledge with more people than those students that attend my university classes, but to donate a percentage of the proceeds to an organization that helped my family when we needed it.” Read More

Dr. Scott Amundsen

Associate Provost

Photograph of Scott Amundsen

"Trident University has been a wonderful experience for me because I really enjoy working with students; I know a degree is going to make a difference in their lives.”

Dr. Qin Sun

Professor, CBA

Photograph of Dr. Qin Sun

"I love Trident because of the academic excellence we strive to achieve here. This is a major differentiation from other online universities. This is the place I can make a contribution, based on my academic research background.” Read More

Dr. Stephen "Simcha" Pollard

Dean, CBA / CIS

Photograph of Dr. Stephen Pollard

"Ever since I was a graduate student one of my key interests has been “what makes countries go around the world” particularly in the low income or less developed countries.” Read More

Dr. Mickey Shachar

Program Director, MSHS / MSHA

Photograph of Dr. Mickey Shachar

"I started as a student from overseas; an international student. I found the method of learning online very acceptable for me. And more importantly it was very appropriate I think for a means of education for a PhD.” Read More

Dr. Stefan Hanson

Program Director, College of Business Administration

Photograph of Dr. Stefan Hanson

"One of the major areas that I have done research in, is what will help a company be able to make faster strategic designs. There is a big premium on making good decisions quickly.”

Dr. Indira Guzman

Program Director, College of Information Systems

Photograph of Dr. Indira Guzman

"For me, teaching at TUI is a privilege of communicating with people who have interest in learning, show them skills and finally witness their scholarship. I genuinely respect their eagerness to learn.” Read More

Dr. Mina Richards

Professor, College of Information Systems

Photograph of Dr. Mina Richards

"Teaching for Trident University has enabled me to share my years of Information Technology experience with students who want to succeed in their degree program and beyond their academic training.” Read More

Dr. Heeja Kim

Faculty Lead, COE

Photograph of Dr. Heeia Kim

"My passion for teaching is not only to encourage the development of mastery in the subject being taught but also to help the student as an individual find their own professional and personal growth opportunities in this technologically advanced global society.” Read More

Dr. Steve Fitzgerald

Director of Faculty Development

Photograph of Stephen Fitzgerald

"Trident is this really dynamic exciting place to be and first of all to be able to serve the men and women who serve our country is a great honor and privilege to be able to do that and support them.”

Dr. Wendy Wang

Professor for Information Systems

Photograph of Dr. Wendy Wang

"I believe online education is the direction of where we are going. I have already seen many traditional schools adopting this online education work mode. I consider Trident is more like a pioneer in this field.” Read More

Dr. Frank Gomez

Program Director for Health Sciences

Photograph of Dr. Frank Gomez

"Trident is a fascinating place to teach, because we work with students that live in the real world. Our graduate students bring real world experience to the classroom and for faculty that is exciting because we like to stay at the cutting edge and work with our students." Read More

Dr. Lisa L Mohanty

Program Director, General Education

Photograph of Dr. Lisa Mohanty

"By facilitating the development and use of critical thinking skills of our students, a teacher promotes real learning and understanding, not just superficial memorization of the material." Read More

Dr. Debra J. Louis

Program Director for Business Administration Masters Programs

Photograph of Dr. Debra Louis

"I came to Trident in 2003 when it was very new. I was attracted to the idea of building an entirely different type of University – one that offered classroom quality education in a completely online environment." Read More

Dr. Stephen Pollard and Dr. Josh Shackman

Presented their manuscript "What does the Penn World Table 7.0 tell us about Government Expenditure and Economic Growth?" at the Academy of Business Research Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada November 14-16, 2011 and won the “Best Paper” award at the Academy of Business Research conference. The paper was published in the International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences.

Photograph of Stephen PollardDr. Stephen K. Pollard has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the Ohio State University. He is a senior economist with over 30 years of experience investigating and analyzing credit management, agricultural/rural credit, lending policies, collections, delinquency control, loan administration, and macrofinancial policy. Read More

Photograph of Joshua ShackmanDr. Joshua D. Shackman has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. His current research interests include the economics of corruption, national culture, and international finance. Read More