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Military Education - Online Degrees

It’s Time To Take What You’ve Learned In Your Military Career
To The Next Level


Isn't it time to kick your career to the next level? Now you can transform the responsibilities and duties with which you have been charged in your time in service, combined with your outstanding military education into a solid foundation for getting an online military college degree.


Trident University is a military-friendly university that recognizes, and most importantly, respects your service... and what you’ve learned from it. In fact, because of our partnerships with various branches of the military and our Military College Discount Program, we offer you a variety of ways to earn a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree. And with our Free Transcript Evaluation service, we can determine how much of your military education might actually transfer to college credit, putting you closer to a military degree than you think.


Whether your goal is to get a college degree for military advancement or make a smart and smooth transition to a civilian career, we’re here to help you.  If you're ready to be challenged and engaged in a distance learning program, we'd like to welcome you to the TUI family.