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Our Mission

The mission of the Outreach & Partnerships team is to serve the needs of our partner organizations and their employees through exceptional service and affordable, flexible, high quality, innovative academic programs. Through Trident University’s Certificate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs, we assist individuals and military, corporate, government and higher learning institutions; meet their personal and organizational goals. Education Working!





About Us

Trident University International is committed to developing a passionate, connected learning community that helps students and organizations achieve their academic and professional goals. TUI is a Regionally Accredited university that adheres to all U.S. Department of Education and WASC standards. Our 100% online programs feature 17 degrees and 85 concentrations:

  • 6 Bachelor degree programs with 32 concentrations
  • 8 Master's degree programs with 42 concentrations
  • 3 Doctoral degree programs with 11 concentrations
  • Gainful Employment Disclosure

    Trident University offers high quality degree programs designed to impart the skills and knowledge required to compete in today’s marketplace for high demand careers. While our mission is to prepare students effectively to pursue career and professional development in their respective fields, finding gainful employment is the individual responsibility of the student. We do not imply or guarantee that students will find employment or be placed in any particular job as a result of completing an educational program. In order to help students make informed decisions about academic choices, Trident University provides the following gainful employment information for all of its program offerings.

Delivered by a highly qualified academic faculty, of which over 90% hold Doctoral degrees, quality instruction is combined with real world experience.

Trident University welcomes you to explore the possibilities of taking your individual or organizational academic journey with TUI... take command of your future today!

“It gives you the flexibility that you need. It gives you the real education that you can use on the job while you are working and that is really what brought me to Trident University.”

Richard Seslar
Masters in Business Administration