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"Academic success relies on research and publications. Research in business administration has contributed tremendously to our understanding of how organizations can do things better. In the Business PhD program we work with our students to create academic success and build academic leadership."
Dr. Sigalit Ronen

Distinguished Leaders

At the PhD program in Business Administration at Trident University International, we are training individuals with innovative ideas who will become tomorrow’s teachers, researchers and scholars. Our mission is to create a learning experience in which students can pursue a research area of their own choosing while making a unique contribution to the academic community. The College of Business Administration at Trident University International offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree that will prepare you for a career in teaching and scholarly research at the university level. Supported by experienced and committed faculty, this highly personalized online doctorate degree program will allow you to pursue your own areas of interest. Our regionally (WASC) accredited online program emphasizes a strong foundation in both methodological and theoretical training and you will have access to important resources at no extra cost.

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A Community of Scholars

We give our PhD students unparalleled support and access to resources in an online environment where they learn in small classes, engage with faculty members on significant research problems, and benefit from the opportunity to interact extensively with peers and faculty from our five fields of study. Candidates are expected to work closely with the Trident faculty members and, when appropriate, with faculty from other universities. Areas of doctoral concentration closely parallel the strengths of the program faculty members. You will have an opportunity to do in-depth study within the academic areas that are of most interest to you.

Concentrations in the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration:

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Information Systems / Information Technology Management
  • Leadership
  • Management and Organizations
  • Marketing

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Ph.D. in Business Administration Faculty

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration faculty are more than teachers. They're accomplished researchers, experienced professionals, and talented professors. The PhD in Business Administration program prepare experts from different industries, including the military, academia, and the private-sector, to serve as teachers, experts, and scholars. All students in the program will establish advanced research skills directed toward the creation of new knowledge demonstrated with a PhD Dissertation. Students can gain knowledge and skills which may be used to operate at the entry-level of school professorial track training. Students will demonstrate effective scholarly writing and speech, along with skills needed to create, perform, gather, and successfully defend a doctoral level dissertation. The program also provides students with the capability to make contributions by publishing in journals and/or presenting research in professional conferences.

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