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“One of the reasons Trident University is a fascinating place to teach is that faculty work closely together for the benefit of students in a shared, mutually supportive manner. We grow and learn from each other, and our students become extraordinary leaders in their area of research interests.” - Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, Ph.D.

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Leaders Improving Public Health

The mission of the College of Health Sciences is to produce competent and caring professional and leaders committed to improving the health and well-being of the population they serve. Trident University’s online PhD Health Science degrees provide students with the knowledge and skills for conducting research, education, and management careers in government. We emphasis research-based critical thinking, analytical,and problem solving skills, legal and ethical issues in the health field from Health Care Administration to Global Health. Students in this PhD program conduct studies in the sciences (molecular biology, radiation physics, occupational health, physical therapy, nursing research, and health care, etc.) and the Doctoral program provides educational opportunities for professional advancement, employment mobility, and research.

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Drive Change and Make a Difference

Trident’s Doctor of Philosophy degree represents the highest level of achievement in any academic discipline. TUI is proud to offer a research PhD degree online resulting in a Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences (Ph.D. HS). Students who earn this Doctoral degree are qualified to enter academia or the top levels of health care administration or health executive positions in government and the private sector. These graduates will have demonstrated excellence in their pursuit of academic study in their selected field. As with any quality Ph.D. degree, the work is challenging but the rewards are substantial.

Concentrations in the Health Science PhD Programs:

  • Health Care Administration
  • Global Health, Educator/Researcher
  • Global Health, Practitioner/Researcher

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Ph.D. in Health Sciences Faculty

The faculty members in the online PhD Health Sciences program foster critical thinking skills, providing students with a foundation needed to succeed as scholars and leaders. Critical thinking is promoted as a process rather than an end result. Through professor-driven, student-centered online program delivery, the PhD in Health Sciences program challenges student to look at the current state of health care. The Ph.D. in Health Sciences is a distance-based research doctoral program designed to challenge students to look at the current state of health care. The focus from the program is to educate and graduate practitioners with all the skills and knowledge to conduct research inside a complex society and environment while focusing globally in the framework of health policy.

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