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Robert Grice

Faculty Profile

Title: Faculty


Personal Data

Suffix: Dr.

College: College of Health Sciences


Contact Information

TUI e-mail: Robert.Grice@trident.edu


Personal Commentary:


Teaching is my passion and I enjoy working with adult education students. Trident University allows me to work with students in diverse parts of the world.



Education History: 


Doctor of Philosophy (2006)

Counseling Psychology

Liberty University

Doctoral Chair: Dr. Fred Milacci (Dean of Graduate Studies at Liberty University)


Master of Business Administration (2011)

Human Resources

Liberty University


Master of Science (2001)

Counseling Psychology

Troy University


Master of Arts (1999)


Liberty University


Bachelor of Science (1986)


Troy University


Dissertation (indexed searchable):


Grice, R.L. (2006). Personality Profiles of Experienced U.S. Army Rotary-Wing Aviators Across Mission Platforms. Retrieved from http://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1018&


The study sought to determine if career rotary-wing aviators tended to prefer certain types of rotary-wing aircraft over others. The U.S. Army rotary-wing aircraft were tasked with four primary mission platforms: Utility, Attack, Cargo, and Scout/Observation. Seventy-five subjects with an average of 20 years of military experience completed the NEO-PI-R and a mission platform-preference questionnaire. The NEO-PI-R measures personality traits along the Five-Factor Model scales. The findings indicated an overall personality profile of average levels of Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. Neuroticism and Openness to New Experiences were scored low. The finds grouped by mission platform reveal a correlation between Agreeableness and those reporting a preference for Utility missions. Utility aircraft are general service aircraft that provide numerous support services. A high score in Agreeableness would match this type of mission.


Teaching Interests/ Areas of Expertise (indexed searchable):


I enjoy teaching in the areas of psychology, human resources, marketing, and management. I have taught courses in all of these areas at Trident.


Research Interests:

Vocational psychology, management, teamwork, personality


Published Articles; Conferences, Papers, Presentations & Workshops:


Grice, R., & Katz, L. (2007). Personality profiles of U.S. Army initial entry rotary wing

students versus career aviators (USARI Technical Report No. 1208).  Alexandria, VA: Army Research Institute.


Grice, R., & Katz, L. (2006). Personality profiles of experienced U.S. Army aviators

across mission platforms (USARI Technical Report No. 1185).  Alexandria, VA: 

Army Research Institute.


Grice, R.L.  &  Katz, L.  (2005). Cohesion in Military and Aviation Psychology:

                     An Annotated Bibliography and Suggestions for U.S. Army Aviation (USARI

Technical Report No. 1166). Alexandria, VA:  Army Research Institute.


Grice, R.L. & Katz, L.  (2005). Cohesion in Sports and Organizational Psychology:

          An Annotated Bibliography and Suggestions for U.S. Army Aviation (USARI Technical

          Report No. 1159).  Alexandria, VA:  Army Research Institute.


Grice, R., & Katz, L. (2002). Saving face in the cockpit.  MS&T, 2, 32-33.