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Transfer Student Information

Transfer Policy

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Credits are considered for transfer from any regionally or nationally accredited and Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) approved college or university, as well as American Council on education (ACE), College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP), DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests), Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and Excelsior. Decisions on the transfer of credits are ultimately at the discretion of the College Deans or designees. TUI may also accept foreign credits for transfer with appropriate foreign credential evaluation by a recognized agency such as the World Education Services (WES). Students are urged to review the specific policy statement applicable to each degree program regarding maximum transferable credits to the program and/or concentration.

TUI has adopted the following conditions and procedures for transfer of credits:

Students are required to provide official transcripts of ALL prior academic work without exception;

Prior academic work will be articulated during the admission process;

All courses, whether applied to a program or general elective in transfer will be posted to the student’s permanent record;

Transfer credits will not be included in the calculation of overall GPA;

At the undergraduate level a student may transfer in academically transferable credit no matter the date of completion. Where the content of a course is deemed outdated or no longer equivalent or relevant by the College, the credits for that course will transfer as general elective credits only;

Graduate coursework submitted for transfer must have been completed within the prior seven (7) years unless the content is deemed outdated or no longer equivalent or relevant by the College;

Students may formally appeal transfer decisions to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 5 business days and must be accompanied by supporting documentation or evidence.