Do you have what it takes to be successful in the College of Business Administration's doctoral program? Pursuing a doctorate is a commitment in both time and money and you will likely want to make the most of the experience. Key factors like motivation and time management will help you guide yourself through a successful Ph.D. program.

These are five qualities that define successful students working towards a Ph.D. degree in Business Administration.


Having a real desire to pursue a doctorate degree. This motivation should give you the positive mental attitude that will make the experience joyful, rather than miserable or difficult. Motivation gives you the will and enthusiasm about engaging in the process of research and knowledge creation.

Time Management, Good Planning, and Discipline:

Evaluate the resources that you can use to achieve your degree: time, money, energy, and networking. Strategically evaluate where and how you should invest your resources. Look and take advantage of opportunities to create synergy between several activities and the skills of both yourself and those around you. Finally, stay focused and leverage the resources of everyone around you.


Communicate and share your dissertation ideas as much as you can – not only in writing, but verbally as well. Open discussion with a colleague can go a long way towards refining your approach.

Own Your Dissertation:

While it is good to receive feedback and advice from outside subject matter experts, it is your dissertation, so consider all of your provided feedback, and make the best decisions on research, content, and analysis. This dissertation is your own contribution to the body of knowledge and you are in charge.

Be Realistic

"The best dissertation is a done dissertation" Being practical is part of the process. The dissertation should be defensible and feasible. Building knowledge does not end with the approved dissertation. The dissertation process is a learning process that shows your ability to conduct independent scientific research. Once you have those skills, a graduate doctorate should be able to conduct quality research in their field or discipline.

By keeping these things in mind during your doctoral journey, you'll make the most of your time and resources – and most importantly – put yourself in the best position to earn a Ph.D. in Business Administration!

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