Trident University supports eligible full-time employees by offering tuition remission. Many of us will say that it is one of the many benefits of working at Trident. It is the reason many of my co-workers would often ask me, "Why aren't you in a master's program?" and, often times, my response would be, "I'm not sure which program to enroll in."

It was a response engineered to deflect the question. In reality, I was feeling anxious towards the application process. I feared embarrassment and, most of all, and I feared at the idea of getting excited over something that may fall through. But it's exactly what must be going through the minds of prospective students.

As a Student Success Advisor, I work with multiple departments, including Admissions, to ensure new students prepared to succeed in their respective programs.

As I work with many departments, I collaborate with Admissions to discuss student's goals and motivations to ensure their needs are met and ready to begin their program.

One day, at a university event, I had the opportunity to meet an Admissions Advisor. She asked me, "Karina, why haven't you taken advantage of the tuition remission offered here at Trident?"" It was that same question again, and rather than deflecting the question, I continued to listen.

She offered to walk me through the enrollment process, and, I thought to myself, "Why not? Trident's Admissions Advisors are friendly!"

She explained the steps involved and gave me the confidence to apply. She walked me through the application process and even had her team work on retrieving my official transcripts required for the application.

After 10 months of self-doubt, I recently began the Master in Business Administration program. A new employee asked me about my Admissions experience, and I replied, with a smirk, "It was fast and easy." Then, my smirk quickly faded as I asked myself, "Why didn't I start sooner? I could have been halfway through the MBA program by now!"