Dr. Ivan Diaz

Dr. Ivan Diaz

Trident University International Graduate

Class of 2010

Trident graduate Ivan Diaz just saw the release of his book Full Blue New York, a fiction title focused on crime and politics of his hometown of New York. Diaz is an experienced writer, having authored the book On the Nature of the Puerto Rican Universe and writing for Hispanic Link Weekly Report, which is distributed by the Los Angeles Times. His dissertation covered education and linguistics, research that is used in his job as an English/ESL teacher for the New York City Department of Education. Diaz’s latest book can be purchased here.

Trident gave me the freedom to go, allowing me to become a better person. The faculty and staff are all high quality individuals who challenged me with a rigorous workload. Dr. Ivan Diaz

Education History

  • Ph.D. in Educational Leadership: K-12 Leadership - Trident University International (2010)