Jonathan Douglas

Jonathan Douglas

Trident University International Graduate

Class of 2014 / 2012 / 2011 / 2006 - Trident Triple

He is the Head of Requirements Analysis Branch, The Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).

When asked about the four impressive master's degrees he earned, it's an interesting story for Jonathan Douglas. He almost missed the window to finish his MBA and completed it just before retirement. Initially, upon retiring, he had no plans to return to school. However, the Department of Defense created the Yellow Ribbon program, allowing veterans to transfer their GI Bill® to their children. Unfortunately, he retired a month too early to be eligible for the program. Since he could not transfer his GI Bill® to his children, he decided to invest in himself and improve his professional position by returning to school. His motivation was to be the best he could be to support both of his daughters' college dreams. He hit the books and didn't stop until he earned four master's degrees.

Trident's variety of programs allowed me to expand my knowledge as well as validate my professional experience to further my career. Jonathan Douglas

Military Status

  • Status: Veteran
  • Branch: Marine Corps

Education History

  • MA in Education - Trident University International (2014)
  • MS in IT Management - Trident University International (2012)
  • MS in Health Sciences - Trident University International (2011)
  • MBA in Military Management - Trident University International (2006)
  • BA in Radio, Television & Film - University of Maryland (1987)