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My name is Idon and I’m currently a major in the US army. Today I’m getting a Masters in Health Science with a concentration in Education. >> Idongesit Ebuete. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I am currently enrolled in the doctoral PhD in Global Health, with a concentration in Research. With the concentration in Global Health, I could work not only in the country, I could work with non governmental agencies.

I am actually due to retire from the military in a few years. And so, I didn’t just want to retire and sit at home, I wanted to continue to make an impact in the world. And so I figured that with a degree in global health, I can work with agencies like the World Health Organization, CDC and anything else that deals with the global sense, this way I still continue to impact the world in what I do.

Trident, I think, most of the people that I know that do online school, have to sometimes take classes on campus, and Trident is the only school that I know, that is all online. And not only is it all online, once you pay your tuition, all the course material is there, so I joke about carrying books and papers but I’m carrying a computer because everything is on there.

I don’t have to carry separate text books. I can read everything online, so yeah, it is actually convenient in that sense and as someone that is in the military and constantly relocating. Wherever you go and you have computer access, you have access to your classroom. [MUSIC] Aspire, believe, achieve.


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