LaBarbara Midgett – BSBA in Logistics (Testimonial)

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Some instructors they don’t care they just give you an assignment and that’s it, but I didn’t find that with Trident. I found Trident instructors my instructors in particularly they were there to help me, they pushed me along, all of my professors we’re great. I have one now Dr. Bridgewater and I really give her the respect and the honor, because if it wasn’t for her I would have probably kind of stopped in the middle of the course, but I really appreciate her because she understands that not only I’m I a student but I am a military solder and she supports me, I support her and hey I’m happy.

I’m happy. [MUSIC] I believe in supporting veterans, veterans that have deployed our younger soldiers. That’s been over there, they need somebody to talk to, they need somebody to relate to that knows what was going on or what happened while they was there. And I wanna be part of that I wanna work with the wounded warrior and work at the VA hospital.

I’m really excited. I’m glad my mother’s here. She’s excited for me, my whole family is excited. They wasn’t able to be here but they’re very proud of me because I’ve got my Bachelor’s degree.

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