Dr. Sharon Nazarchuk R.N.

Contact Information

Dr. Sharon Nazarchuk R.N.

Part-time Faculty - College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Sharon Nazarchuk has worked in health care for over 40 years, providing her with much insight into the courses she teaches in the health sciences. In addition to her other degrees, her educational philosophy is based on principles that emphasize the search for meaning, freedom of choice, personal responsibility, self-awareness and compassion directed toward self and others. Dr. Nazarchuk believes that education is a process that prepares each individual to deal with life and to search for meaning and is a life long process of evolution aimed at the development of intellectual, aesthetic, and professional interests that advance the learner toward personal and professional goals. Dr. Nazarchuk also believes quality teaching is accomplished through a dialogue with the learner whereby the teacher and learner pose questions and explore choices in action.


Dr. Sharon Nazarchuk is a true living example of Trident University Values, Mission, Visions and Promise, an inspiration, a role model, a professor with high academic standards,caring and compassionate. Her commitment to excellence and student success, made the course a great and unique learning experience. Also, much appreciation for her kind understanding and true help in time of need. Thank you Doctor Nazarchuk for your exceptional teaching, for inspiring and helping us in our personal and academic journey! Rodica, RMS620 – Summer 2017


  • Master of Science in Health Administration
  • Ph.D. in Health Sciences


  • Legg, T. J. & Nazarchuk, S. (2012). Nursing home profit status, FTE activity staff compliment and citation scope/severity at F-248 in United States nursing homes. American Journal of Recreation Therapy.
  • Legg, T. J. & Nazarchuk, S. (2012). Professional association membership: Does it impact the likelihood of deficiency citations at F-248 in skilled nursing facilities in the United States. American Journal of Recreation Therapy.
  • Legg, T. J., Nazarchuk, S. A. (2012). Turning a blind eye to the rules that we establish: When surveyor's fail to cite facilities that fail to employ a qualified activity director in skilled nursing facilities in the United States.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Nazarchuk’s areas of expertise include:

  • Health Care
  • Health Sciences
  • Nursing

Education History

  • PhD in Sociology - State University of New York, New York (2001)
  • MA in Sociology - State University of New York, New York (2000)
  • Master of Health Administration - Wilkes University, Pennsylvania (1997)
  • Bachelor of Science - Wilkes University, Pennsylvania (1994)
  • Diploma in Professional Nursing (Diploma) (1972) Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Pennsylvania

Honors & Awards

  • Trident Teaching Excellence Award - Dr. Nazarchuk was selected from among 34 nominated faculty members for the Summer 2017 session.