The 100% online Trident is different - it's obvious from the first time students enter a virtual classroom. With a population of men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds, students bring their own experiences to the learning process.

Understanding that many already have a solid foundation in their discipline, Trident's instructors engage students in ways that allow them to build on that foundation, allowing them to develop new skills and perspectives.

This is what Trident calls the EdActive learning approach.

The adult learners who make up the Trident community come from the military, government, industry, academia, and more. Students learn in ways that often incorporate their professional experiences. They engage with classmates and professors through the discussion of relevant questions and case studies.

These interactions expose students to a variety of perspectives and new concepts, which are then applied to assignments based on current or potential real world situations. These exercises, and continuous feedback and support from faculty, encourage and strengthen critical thinking skills.

We do not expect our students to simply repeat content provided in our courses because this holds little meaning to adult learners. We encourage experiential learning, giving students an opportunity to reflect on how classroom concepts can be applied to real challenges faced by organizations.

Dr. Heidi Linn Smith, Dean, College of Education

Why is this approach so important to Trident? Quite simply, it's about providing meaningful experiences for students. Not only are students better prepared for future professional success, they are more invested in learning because it's a experience that is enjoyable and challenging.