Get to Know the Trident Faculty
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With Trident, you’ll have access to dedicated faculty who serve as mentors and advocates for success throughout your educational journey and beyond. Our faculty members come from across the globe to bring their diverse perspectives, strong backgrounds in academic research, professional experience, and subject matter expertise directly to you.

Their commitment to intellectual and professional growth is only rivaled by their commitment to the success of their students.

Knowledgeable Faculty

Over 80% of our faculty members across the colleges hold doctoral degrees with an even higher percent in some programs. They are leaders in education, business, health, and technology. They utilize innovative teaching methods to challenge you while also helping you achieve your academic goals.

At Trident, you’ll study with caring and attentive faculty members who understand the value of a quality education. Academic excellence and compassionate commitment – these values facilitated by our faculty members are what make the Trident Learning Model so uniquely effective. They know that teaching is a two-way street where learning is done on a daily basis. Trident’s students, who are equally diverse, have as many questions as answers, and are invaluable to creating a shared experience that creates a unique learning environment.