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Trident University offers various scholarships to help keep education within reach.

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Scholarships & Grants

We’re Invested in Your Future

When you choose Trident University, you’re choosing excellence in academics and compassionate commitment to your success. We understand the unique challenges and financial obstacles facing adult learners like you, which is why we keep our tuition pricing below the national average, charge no extra costs for most course materials, and encourage students to apply for our scholarships and grants*.

The reason we go above and beyond is because we’re committed to creating the opportunities needed that will put our nation’s service members in the best position for success – both during and after your time in the military. In our 20th anniversary year, we are proud to continue this tradition by introducing our Trident Strong scholarships.

Military Success Scholarship (MSS)

Programs: Undergraduate, Masters degrees and ISS Certificate
Eligibility: All undergraduate and graduate U.S. Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members who have exhausted their annual tuition benefits, by reducing their out-of-pocket cost by 50% for up to 6 courses after their benefits are exhausted within the same military fiscal year.
Amount: Cost reduced to $500 per 4 credit hour course or $375 per 3 credit hour course.
Requirements: Successfully complete the minimum number of courses required during the military fiscal year (Oct-Sep), maximize tuition assistance and maintain SAP.

Scholarship is applied automatically to the next eligible course taken during the military fiscal year (Oct-Sept) –  view more details here.

Trident Alumni Scholarship (TAS)

Programs: All graduate degrees, doctoral degrees, and business analytics certificate. Diploma and all other certificate programs are not eligible for this scholarship.
Eligibility: Newly enrolling alumni advancing to a masters degree, doctoral degree or business analytics certificate.
Amount: 15% tuition savings off each course.
Requirements: Submit your inquiry to for further details and scholarship acceptance.

Army Women's Foundation Scholarship

Programs: Bachelors and masters degrees.
Eligibility: Any woman currently serving or who has served in any component of the U.S. Army or the child or grandchild of any woman who has served in the U.S. Army.
Amount: One full bachelor degree scholarship and one full master degree scholarship awarded annually. Chosen by AWF from among AWF Legacy Scholarship Selectees.
Requirements: Students must apply directly to the AWF for the scholarship and directly to Trident for admission.

Professional Certificate/Diploma Assistance Grant

Programs: Former students who were enrolled in a certificate or diploma program at Trident.
Eligibility: Students must have been enrolled in a Trident certificate or diploma program, but did not graduate from the program. Must enroll in a Trident undergraduate program and meet the admissions requirements.
Amount: Institutional grant of 30% tuition savings off each course.
Requirements: The grant applies to eligible current or future charges at the University's discretion; it cannot be applied retroactively. The grant may be combined with other scholarships or grants.

Resilience Grant

Programs: Title IV Eligible programs at Trident
Eligibility: Students enrolled in a Title IV eligible program at Trident, but due to extenuating circumstances are unable to pursue their education without financial assistance.
Amount: Up to $11,000-$17,000 per academic year.
Requirements: Students must have exhausted all external financial assistance options and establish a minimum monthly payment of $250 for undergrad and graduate programs and $350 for doctoral programs. Consideration for the AIU Resilience Grant will be reviewed and determined by the Student Finance Department

Veteran Education Grant

Trident University is proud to provide a special Veteran Education Grant for retirees and veterans of the armed forces. All veteran or spouses/dependents for the veteran are eligible for the reduced VA tuition. Through our veterans education grant, you can receive a 20% savings off tuition for the undergraduate courses, 25% for the graduate courses, and 10-11% for doctoral courses.

Military Education Grant

We are pleased to honor members of the armed services with a military education grant designed to reduce the cost per credit hour of tuition and can be combined with your military tuition assistance. Through our military education grant, military members and their spouses and dependents can receive the following tuition reduction:

  • Undergraduate courses: 40% for active duty military members, military spouse and dependents, and Department of Defense Federal Civilian Employees
  • Graduate courses: 56% for active duty military members and 43% for military spouses and dependents and Department of Defense Federal Civilian Employees
  • Doctoral courses:14-19% for active duty military members, military spouse and dependents, and Department of Defense Federal Civilian Employees (percentage varies by program)

Lifelong Learning Grant

Programs: Graduate degrees
Eligibility: Students must have earned a bachelor’s degree at one of the following AIUS member institutions: American InterContinental University or California Southern University. Prospective students must apply and be accepted for admission into a graduate degree program to be eligible to receive the grant.
Amount: $1000. The grant is awarded proportionately over each applicable academic course and the grant percentage will be applied to the academic year tuition costs.
Requirements: This grant cannot be combined with any other institutional grant. If the student is eligible for multiple grants, the grant with the greatest benefit to the student will be applied. Submit your inquiry to for further details and scholarship acceptance.

*University grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the University Catalog or on its website and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.