Knowing how to navigate the tech world is essential for success in the professional sphere. For an individual with specialized skills and a deep knowledge of technology and information infrastructure, there are almost no limits on achievement.

This blog is inspired by yearly rankings on U.S. News and World Report and includes statistics from the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As the Internet of Things continues to expand, so does the demand for tech-savvy professionals. We've compiled a list of the current hottest information technology jobs in the industry, based on outlook and salary, and our degree programs will help you get there.

Data Scientist

Not just your average number-crunchers, Data Scientists are scientists in nearly every sense of the word: number-oriented, analytical, and research-driven. Applicants have surged since 2012 and fit into a wide variety of industries.

Median Pay: $102,190

Job Outlook (2012-2022): 15% (faster than average)

IT Manager

Communication skills needed. Strong leadership required. IT Managers are project managers at the top of the tech totem pole. They are in charge of everything computer-related, from teams of employees to specific IT systems, while ensuring everyone and everything is full-functioning.

Median Pay: $120,950

Job Outlook (2012-2022): 15% (faster than average)

Software Developer

Creative and tech-savvy aren't mutually exclusive traits. In fact, whoever said computer experts aren't creative never met a software developer. Software developers are the creativity behind computer programs, which are heavily design-oriented.

Median Pay: $93,350

Job Outlook (2012-2022): 22% growth (much faster than average)

Systems Analyst

Never mix business and pleasure, but always mix business and technology. Systems Analysts bridge the gap between business and technology by analyzing and interpreting an organization's computer systems, processes, and procedures and then providing solutions to enhance them.

Median Pay: $79,680

Job Outlook (2012-2022): 25% growth (much faster than average)

Information Systems Analyst

Think Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds: vigilante hacker-turned-FBI agent. Information Security Analysts, a more specialized Systems Analyst, are the forensic scientists of the computer world and respond to increasing Cybersecurity threats.

Median Pay: $86,170

Job Outlook (2012-2022): 37% growth (much faster than average)

Trident offers 100% online Bachelor's degree programs in Computer Science, Information Technology Management, and Homeland Security. A new Cyber Security concentration is being added to the Homeland Security program in the near future, to meet the demand for information security professionals and combat the growing number of cyber-attacks.