The following resources linked below will be helpful for those weighing their civilian career options during or after their military career.

Career Command Post (CCP)
CCP specializes in bringing transitioning active duty military personnel and armed forces veterans together with civilian employers hiring for executive, managerial, professional, technical, skilled, and semi-skilled positions, from the Military Transition Group, Inc.

Patriot Express
The Small Business Association (SBA) has launched loan programs to help veterans start their own businesses.

Vet Jobs
This is a great resource for veterans and employers looking to connect with veterans for specific and general careers. Jobs listed here are both government and private

Recruit Military
This is an excellent source to connect student veterans with jobs in corporate America

Hire Veterans
HireVetsFirst is a government-backed free job search engine that includes help with resume building/writing for veterans

Veteran Employment
This Veteran Employment website has partnered with and allows veterans to search for jobs including ones that require a security clearance

Helmets to Hardhats
Helmets to Hardhats was started in 2003 to help veterans with a construction background, or those seeking to enter the field, facilitate streamlined information to construction-related careers

Federal Jobs Search Engine is a government-employment database. It is set up to facilitate streamlined searches for federal jobs throughout the world

Vet Friends
This job database includes employers from all 50 states that are geared toward veterans seeking employment opportunities