Transfer students, especially at the doctoral level, are seeking the smoothest of transitions. Each course is part of an incremental process that's intertwined with the dissertation (now called "doctoral study project" in the EdD program), something that requires every ounce of a student's time and energy. While transferring can be a challenge for both student and institution, Trident has done their best to perfect this process.

After Jones International University ceased operations, Laura Moore transferred to Trident to finish her Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in K-12 Educational Leadership. As expected, the beginning of her transfer experience was a bit of a challenge, but with the help of Trident's College of Education Dean, Dr. Heidi Smith, Moore's credits were transferred successfully, and she was placed in the classes she needed for graduation.

The professors at Trident take the time to ensure you have what you need when you don't understand something. They provide several examples, and they provide a lot of online resources.

Dr. Laura Moore

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Trident: What is your current professional position? Since you were a student at Trident, have you made moves upward in your career? Or accomplished specific career goals?

Dr. Laura Moore: My current position is an Instructional Technology Educator/PARCC Testing Coordinator. I am currently seeking a new position as we speak. At the moment I am working towards going into an administrative or coordinator position so I can combine my skills and apply my new degree.

Trident: Do you feel that your time as a student at Trident prepared you for your current professional role?

LM: Absolutely, I know things do not happen overnight and that is why it is called a transition. It takes time. I have set a goal for myself by the next year to be in a new role.

Trident: Who are some of the professors that left a positive impression on you?

LM: My Dissertation Chair, Dr. Michelle Mahoney, was amazing. She was patient and ensured that I made it all the way. Dr. Heidi Smith was fantastic as well, from handling paperwork to overseeing the transfer process from Jones International, she ensured I was successful. She handled all of my questions and requests in a timely manner to make sure I had the best experience at TUI.

Trident: Would you be willing to give a testimonial about your time at Trident? If so, what would you like to say?

LM: When coming in to Trident as a transfer student, I felt defeated because I had to start over on some parts of the dissertation process. Once I got things going and I received support from the professors and staff, everything just fell into place. My time at TUI was great and I couldn't be more pleased to be an official alumnus with my Ed.D.

Dr. Laura Moore is a graduate of Trident's Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program. This interview was initially conducted in 2017.