February 17, 2022 – Chandler, AZ – Trident University International (Trident) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduate Dr. Sarah Ratekin presented research from her Doctoral Studies Project (DSP), "Gratitude as an Organizational Performance Lever."

This presentation was part of Trident’s CORE webinar series and was hosted by Dr. Indira Guzman, Doctoral Studies Director in Trident’s College of Business.

Dr. Ratekin's research sought to address the problem of average employee engagement at a consulting firm and how gratitude practices could impact the employee engagement level. The research was organized around two questions: how do intentional gratitude practices influence job satisfaction, and how can intentional gratitude practices be improved to increase job satisfaction?

The findings of Dr. Ratekin's research suggest that intentional gratitude practices contributed to increased job satisfaction, role confidence, and overall employee well-being at the examined firm. As a result of her analysis, Dr. Ratekin made multiple recommendations to the partner organization, which are to frame gratitude as a formal company value, encourage gratitude as a daily practice for everyone, make intentional gratitude visible internally and externally, and encourage clients to engage in intentional gratitude.

Dr. Ratekin has a wealth of industry experience focused on corporate culture and the employee experience. She is currently the Director of CareerBound and Undergraduate Student Engagement at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. She also serves as the Chief Happiness Officer at Happiness is Courage, Inc., where she channels her passion for creating positive employee experiences to help clients solve difficult engagement challenges.

She has been featured on dozens of podcasts speaking on the power of happiness in the workplace and in life, presented at conferences across North America, and facilitated numerous workshops on workplace excellence. Dr. Ratekin is a military veteran.

Dr. Ratekin graduated from Triden's DBA program in 2021. She also holds an MBA and Master of Science in Management from Western Governors University, and a Bachelor of Science from Ball State University.

View a recording of Dr. Ratekin's presentation here.

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