Cypress, CA April 16, 2013 – Today, Trident University posted an emotional new video called “The Iraqi Interpreters Story” told by Trident’s Director of Military Relations CSM Phil Johndrow (Retired). This story is about two brave women, Afrah and Lina Al Asadi, who supported our troops in Iraq as translators. Phil Johndrow stated, “For years they risked their lives for our country dodging bullets and being attacked. I had heard they took different routes to and from our camp so they would not be followed because of the danger not only to them but to their families. They told me how they had to tell everyone that they worked for a company and not for the US Army.”

The women were part of a convoy that was attacked and both were injured. Fearing for their lives, Johndrow personally worked to get the women to the United States as part of a special program designed for civilians who worked with the military and now were in danger. His ultimate goal was citizenship for both women. “I am so proud of these two women”, said Mr. Johndrow while wiping tears from his eyes “they are about to become citizens of this great Nation.”

On January 17, 2013 in Great Falls, Montana at the U.S. Federal Court Building Iraqi sisters Afrah and Lina Al Asadi were sworn in as citizens to the United States of America.

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