April 23, 2015 – Cypress, CA Trident University International (Trident) will introduce the new Trident Fastrac session structure in May 2015. This shortened, 8-week academic session will offer increased flexibility to students enrolled in bachelors and masters degree programs.

Students who choose this new structure will have the ability to complete more sessions per year thereby decreasing the time to graduation. In order to meet the needs of all Trident students, the 12-week sessions will remain available for current active students who choose that path. All doctoral courses will remain in the 12-week format.

The introduction of the Trident Fastrac structure ties directly back to our commitment to student success, one of the key pillars of Trident’s mission. After reviewing the data and talking to our student body, it was clear that this was the right move to make to improve the academic experiences of the entire Trident community.Dr. Michael K. Mahoney, Executive Vice President and Provost

Trident has conducted extensive research to develop and continue to deliver an excellent academic experience and comparable learning outcomes in both the 12-week and the 8-week session structure.

For students considering a switch to the Trident Fastrac session structure, Dr. Mahoney will be leading an informational webinar on Tuesday, April 28th at 11:30am (Pacific). This session is designed to let students know what to expect in these shorter sessions – and how they can set themselves up for success as they work towards graduation.

The university has produced webinars for its corporate partners, Career Advising & Development Center, and current and prospective doctorate students for the past year.

About Trident University 
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