When I began my educational journey, I made a conscious decision to have a mindset of constant self-evaluation in regard to mind, body, and spirit. I had a desire to encompass and showcase this holistic health approach as I truly believe in a healthy work-life balance. Since I knew I would be tested along the way, I also made an effort to establish a personal program that would allow for maintenance of my overall well-being while improving my resiliency. As I give my personal definitions of the above referenced please keep in mind that mind, body, and spirit are symbiotic and one doesn't negate nor preface the other.

A healthy mind is one that's constantly evolving and fostering thought, connection, and creativity. This allows one to be in a perpetual state of growth - ultimately showcasing the dynamic to be a lifelong learner. The idea of balance, in regard to research, is what it signifies to family, friends, employees, employers, and more. It's a willingness to be informed and the ability to change future directions or pathways in order to enhance personal relationships, as well as business relationships (Mato-Juhasz, Kiss-Toth, and Szegedi, 2016 ).

A healthy body then progresses from the healthy mind allowing the body to recuperate and to reenergize. The state of rest and relaxation rejuvenates the mind for the next day's tasks and challenges. To have a healthy body, one needs proper nutrition, which takes planning and consideration. Daily calorie consumption should be factored by calories taken in balanced by calories burned, which requires a tailored exercise regimen.

A healthy spirit stems from the elements above to build out a platform for human unity with oneself and others. Whether you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert; all people are, to some degree, social creatures. Regardless as to whether one thrives off a natural ability to be in a constant social forum or one possesses the sole desire for close-knit relationships - there must be balance. If the mind is aligned with the body, the body will be aligned with the spirit as a continuum of healthy cause and positive effect - verses unintended action and negative reaction.

In closing, how does this holistic health approach assist one's pursuit of educational opportunities or career advancement? Mental engagement happens prior to learning, during learning, and continues long after. If there isn't a mind-body-spirit balance, then life stressors have the ability to adversely influence on's overall well-being. This includes one's resiliency as it relates to their lifelong quest for learning - potentially hindering one from reaching their full potential. So, take time to pause, reflect, and acknowledge holistic health pathways, realizing that they are cyclical, during your life-long journey in pursuit of educational attainment.

Chaunte Hall, a 15-year military veteran, is CEO of Centurion Military Alliance, an organization that helps active duty and veteran men and women address the challenges related to successfully reintegrating from the military to civilian life. She is a current student in Trident's Doctor of Business Administration program.