February 16, 2022 - Chandler, AZ - Dr. Joshua Sipper, a 2012 graduate of Trident's Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program, has authored The Cyber-Meta Reality: Beyond the Metaverse, which is out in May through Rowman & Littlefield.

In this book Dr. Sipper examines the concept of cyber meta-reality with a thorough analysis of the cyber microbiome. His goal is to correlate these two entities through an examination of familiar cyberspace (e.g. – “public web”) and the levels of cyberspace, such as the dark web, that remain unknown to most casual users.

Given the dearth of research of this subject matter, Dr. Sipper has devoted significant time seeking to understand this evolving area and how it could impact humans in the future.  In 2020 he received a Best Paper Award for “The Cyber Microbiome and the Cyber Meta-reality” at the International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA) Cyber 2020 Conference. That paper serves as a basis for this book.

As an entity, the cyber realm continues to grow. Similar to how we as humans share chemical and biological physicality with the planet’s flora, fauna, bacteria, the cyber meta-reality is growing into a type of non-physical, yet tangible sphere,” explains Dr. Sipper. "Considering this evolution, additions or subtractions to the cyber-meta reality could have far reaching impact." "For instance," Sipper continues, "until scientists and physicians understood the human microbiome, they over-prescribed antibiotics and other medicines harmful to the beneficial flora and fauna that inhabit human systems. The same type of “over-prescription" could occur in cyberspace if we do not have a fuller understanding of the cyber meta-reality and microbiome. Dr. Joshua Sipper

Dr. Sipper is a Professor of Cyber Warfare Studies at the Air Force Cyber College, Air University at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. He has an extensive background in intelligence, a capacity in which he served in both military and civilian roles.

His professional focus shifted to cyber during stints as a Systems Engineer for General Dynamics at the Air Force’s 26th Network Operations Squadron and as a civil servant at the Air Force’s Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education.

Dr. Sipper is a graduate of Trident’s Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program. He holds a Master of Arts in Education from Troy University and a Bachelor of Science in English from Faulkner University.

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