January 28, 2021 – Chandler, AZ – Dr. Angie Cox, a faculty member in Trident University International’s (Trident) Glenn R. Jones College of Business, and Dr. Ryan Durbin, a graduate of the University’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, have co-authored the paper, “Signaling Diversity: A Study of Recruitment Strategies for Female and Minority Police Candidates,” which appears in Volume 8, Issue 4 of World Academics Journal of Management.

In this paper, Dr. Cox and Dr. Durbin identify how organizations can develop strategies designed to attract diverse candidates to their respective organizations and help to increase the number of female and minority candidates. To achieve these objectives, the research points to having an awareness of the demographics of a community – and the concerns and desires of the members of that community.

For law enforcement to build and maintain community trust and perceptions of equity, building a police force that best reflects the members of that community is critical, explains Dr. Ryan Durbin. Our research suggests that a thorough understanding of the perceptions of diverse candidates can allow agencies to craft messaging that properly addresses concerns or highlights attractions for female and minority candidates.

Dr. Ryan Durbin works with the Washington State Patrol where he currently supervises the Criminal Investigate Units for the western Washington region. He has held numerous supervisory roles, including time in the Special Operations Division where he was responsible for the safety of the State Capitol campus, as well as criminal investigations for all crimes occurring on the 468-acre campus.

Dr. Durbin holds a DBA and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Trident. Dr. Cox served as his Doctoral Studies Project Chairperson.

With over 20 years of military service, Dr. Cox has a background in the computer, information systems, cybersecurity, and technology fields in both tactical and leadership roles. Her research interests include business philosophy, information systems, information technology, research methods, cyber, and communication methods. She received Trident’s Teaching Excellence Award for the Spring 2019 quarter.

Dr. Cox is a graduate of Trident’s Ph.D. in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration programs. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of West Florida.

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