greg bishop

"While I was attending school for my bachelor's degree, I was active duty and forward deployed on a small ship based in Japan," states Dr. Greg Bishop. "This means that our ship was underway more than we were in port. Without Trident's flexibility and understanding, I would have never been able to complete the program."

For Dr. Bishop - a 2018 Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) alumnus, as well as a bachelor's and master's graduate from Trident - this may all seem like ancient history, but his time forward deployed helped to set in motion his trajectory from service member to scholar-practitioner.

"Trident seeks to help military members who are seeking opportunities to succeed - both within the Armed Forces and in civilian communities," Dr. Bishop explains. "By creating those opportunities, Trident provides an unlimited and well-lit horizon from which military members can achieve the bright future that they deserve."

Read more about Dr. Bishop's journey from the military to academia below.

Trident: What inspired you to continue with Trident for three or more degrees?

Greg Bishop: Trident University International, the faculty and support staff all work very hard to ensure that the student has every opportunity to succeed within each program. This support fosters an eagerness to not only succeed, but to excel in each class and therefore within the community and profession.

Trident: What is your current professional position?

GB: Currently I work as the Director of Ross College's Hopkinsville Campus.

Trident: Do you feel that your time as a student at Trident prepared you for your current professional role?

GB: Absolutely, it's a position I would not have been eligible for had I not completed my degrees at Trident.

Trident: Which of your professors left a positive impression on you?

GB: Dr. Heidi Smith, Dr. Greg Hodges, Dr. Alison Deegan, and Dr. Hinson all left lasting impressions. The dedication and devotion each showed allowed a certain ease and comfort with the curriculum that sometimes isn't available within an online learning environment. The academic discussion and a participatory learning environment these faculty members provided allowed a forum that fostered success among the students.

Trident: Would you be willing to give a testimonial about your time at Trident?

GB: As a young man, I put off going to college simply because there was little time, or money. As my career progressed, I began to realize that a degree would greatly enhance my opportunities after the military. Trident has a very diverse, and flexible degree program that allowed me to complete classes even while deployed. There were times when internet connectivity was sparse, but the classes and faculty allowed for, and promoted flexibility in the courses to allow for military obligations and deployments.

Dr. Greg Bishop is a Trident Triple, which is a small group of alumni who have earned three or more degrees from Trident. In addition to a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), he holds a Master of Arts in Education (2015) and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (2005).

The experience of this alumnus is not representative of all students. This graduate story is unique and may not represent typical experiences or outcomes for our graduates.