Henri Harper

My name is Henri Harper and I am a 60-year-old male who works in law enforcement with a youth directive. I have been extremely successful in my career; however, I have always admired those who have obtained their college degree. I have always been hesitant to take college classes because I was not successful in high school and I always had trouble with writing. I have three children, two of whom are college graduates, and one that is attending college now. I have always pushed my children and the youth I work with to pursue a higher education.

I had been looking into online schools and considered taking some online classes. I was still nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I have done a lot with my life, however, obtaining my degree is one thing I wanted to do for myself. I want to be able to tell my grandchildren and the youth I work with that it's never too late to obtain your degree because if I can do it there should be no excuse for anyone else.

My journey started with Trident in 2015. I took a couple of classes, panicked, and then dropped out. Thankfully, Trident allowed me to return in 2017. I researched a lot of online schools, but I chose Trident because of the exceptional professors. In each class that I took, the professors never allowed me to fail and they were patient and understanding. The professors had high expectations for me and always demanded my best. I can't say enough about Trident who has treated me like a person and not an anonymous student. I never thought I could take college classes. If I struggle I will keep pushing because this is the one thing I need to do for myself and with the continued support of Trident and my professors, I now believe I can succeed in college.

While this may be what professors do, it takes skill and love of what they do to bring the best out of each and every student. I am forever grateful that they stuck with me and held me accountable because it helped me to realize that I had this talent in me all along. Thank you to Trident - the best online school available.

Mr. Henri Harper is a graduate of Trident's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. This blog originated as a thank you note sent to a faculty member and Teaching Excellence Award winner Dr. Cynthia Keifer. Harper is a community service officer for the Iowa City Police Department and was inducted into the Iowa African American Hall of Fame in 2016.

The experience of this alumnus is not representative of all students. This graduate story is unique and may not represent typical experiences or outcomes for our graduates.