chaunte hall

In today's technology-based society, our image and our brand is available for all to see whether in person or by the click of a mouse. Does this statement concern you? As a college student, think about if Company X searches your name and the immediate judgment that will either entice or steer them away from potentially interviewing you. Google is able to capture a plethora of information, which can be overwhelming.

Let's take a look at LinkedIn, since roughly 95% of all recruiters and employers are utilizing this technological platform for sourcing candidates. You are being judged based off what your profile says about you from your header, to your education, background, posts, comments from those in your network, and the posts you've commented on or liked. With all that information in the public space, it will be a matter of seconds until a recruiter forms an opinion of you.

Therefore; questions to ask oneself in regard to LinkedIn would be:

  • Does your profile enhance your resume?
  • When posting, is your goal to have quality content, or to get as many likes as possible and can you have both?
  • How do you believe your network perceives you?
  • How do you perceive your network?
  • By the way, who is your network?
  • Have you built intentional relationships?
  • Does your network respond, challenge, or question you?
  • Have you taken their advice or have they taken your advice?
  • Do they like all of your posts due to the fact that you're considered to be the "Simon Sinek" of their social media world, or could they possibly click like out of emotion or reciprocity?
  • If we all have the platform to have a voice; do any of us truly have a voice?
  • Has social media allowed you to have the platform to truly make a difference in your life, brand, day-to-day business, family, and/or friends?

General Patton said, "You must be single-minded. Drive for the one thing on which you have decided." Does your brand show that you're focused on one thing, or are you all over the place? These are some of the questions that recruiters and employers are asking themselves when viewing your online activity. It may be worth taking a step back and reevaluating your image, your brand, and understanding that you are a walking billboard for Company X, should they choose to hire you.