You've decided to use your military education benefits and go to college – now you just have to choose a major.

No matter how much courage you've demonstrated throughout your years of service, going to college during or after your military career can be daunting. The number of schools available as options and questions about program of study make it difficult to know where to begin.

The first thing to know is that help is available. By contacting an admissions advisor at a military-friendly college, you can find out how many college transferrable credits you may have earned during your military service. Admission advisors can also provide guidance on which degrees might be a good match for your skills, desires, and personality. (Don't want to wait until the end of this article to take action? Feel free to contact a Trident University admissions advisor now.)

Not yet ready to reach out to a college? If you're just starting your research, the following exercise may help.

Listed below are some degrees that are popular among students with a military background. Below each degree is a list of five questions about the personality traits that are associated with success in those career fields. Read through and respond to the questions and keep track of your answers for each major. If you find you answer yes to nearly all the questions under one, two, or even a few majors, those fields might be good places for you to start your research.


  • Are you respectful, patient, and caring?
  • Do you love learning?
  • Are you flexible and able to change your approach when something isn't working?
  • Do you work well with colleagues?
  • Are you a strong leader?

Health Sciences

  • Do you communicate and listen well?
  • Can you handle stressful situations easily?
  • Are you compassionate?
  • Are you a critical thinker?
  • Do you like evidence based research to solve local and global health problems?
  • Do you like to strategize on public health issues and find solutions?
  • Do you like to work with multiple disciples towards improving health outcomes

Computer Science

  • You consider yourself detail oriented?
  • Do you enjoy dismantling things to figure out how they work?
  • Do you prefer a very rewarding and in demand career which requires lifelong learning of new knowledge and skills?
  • Do you love a good puzzle?
  • Are you analytical – and perhaps even sometimes overanalytical?

Information Technology Management

  • Do you enjoy solving problems and troubleshooting?
  • Do you pay close attention to detail?
  • Are you a strong communicator – both verbally and in technical writing?
  • Do you enjoy learning about latest technologies?
  • Can you multi-task on a daily basis?

Business Administration

  • Are you comfortable taking risks?
  • Do you consider yourself to be competitive and ambitious?
  • Do you have well-developed leadership skills?
  • When something needs to be accomplished, do you take initiative to get it done – even without direction?
  • Are you a likeable person?

Homeland Security

  • Are you confident you will be able to achieve exceptional grades in all of your college coursework?
  • Do you keep your cool in high-pressure situations?
  • Are you (and your spouse, if you have one) okay with you working long hours and having a schedule that frequently changes?
  • Are you dedicated to maintaining physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you willing to work in dangerous and risky situations?

Human Resource Management

  • Are you extremely organized and a good multi-tasker?
  • Are you a skilled negotiator?
  • Do you know how to effectively handle conflict?
  • Can you keep secrets?
  • Are you a strong communicator?

We hope this exercise has given you some ideas about majors you might begin researching. If you have questions about any of these degrees, contact Trident to speak with an advisor or request a brochure.

Good luck!

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