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Hello, my name is Phil Johndrow. Director of Military Relations at Trident University. In light of the recent developments related Military Tuition Assistance, I want to offer some encouragement and challenge you to continue your education through the many alternate options available to you. We know this is no ordinary time for our nation.

Each of us has faced challenges before in our lives. The all volunteer force began around 1973, launched during a troubled era for our services, when many called on military hollow and broken. It was an experiment that many thought would. We all know that did not happen, and the military we have today is the best equipped, best fed and best trained in the world, and you are today's greatest generation. Although technology has changed, the core of our success as a country remains with the American service member who've been essential to a nation success, whether with the bayonet on a patchy helicopter.

The American service member is the most lethal weapon in the world. Regardless of the military occupational skill or location on the battle field, we know our service members will always accomplish the mission. The American service members are the most agile, balanced and creative thinkers in the world.

Their critical thinking skills lead to a more certainty and confidence in the uncertain future. In order to be able to obtain this edge we have to continue our education and exercise our mind just as we would exercise our body. If we don't do physical fitness for a few weeks, or months on end, we can become soft the same applies to your mind.

We need to sharpen our mind just as if we will sharpen our bayonet. We also need to look at education not as a tax on the present but as an investment into our future. Not only for development while we're in service but also to prepare ourselves as we all make that transition in the corporate America.

Trident has always been a University that not only provides you with quality education but has also been flexible for you. We always stand with you and be there to take this educational journey together. We can get through this. We all know there are other ways to obtain your financial assistance.

For more information on alternative financial options, contact your base education service officer or call us at Trident University. We will work together to ensure, we have the opportunity to continue your education and real development and obtain the skills you need to be successful both in and out of uniform.

We owe it to ourselves and and to our nation, to continue our professional development and improve our critical thinking skills, so we can be prepared on whatever challenges we may face in the future. We here at Trident University want to thank you for your continued service and commitment to our nation, and for choosing us to assist you completing your mission in obtaining your degree.

My name is Philip Johndrow Director of Military Relations at Trident University.

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