Christopher Janik

Christopher Janik

Trident University International Graduate

Class of 2014

Currently, I serve as a United States Public Health Service Officer, detailed to the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. In this role, I hold the title of Chief Pharmacist and Regional Pharmacy Executive for the New London Regional Practice. As the Regional Pharmacy Executive, I am responsible for maintaining direct communication with the State of Connecticut Department of Health on issues such as WMD and SNS asset access, as well as overseeing closed Point of Dispensing (POD) operations. My hard work and dedication were recognized with a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander after I fulfilled the necessary degree requirements.

The distance learning environment is extremely conductive and flexible enough to support the high degree of uncertainty regarding scheduling that military service entails. I was able to complete work while TDY or on deployments if I had access. If not, I could work offline, and submit or participate when access was available. Also, the professors were extremely accommodating regarding scheduling conflicts, deadline extensions, or understanding of hardships that we may have to endure while trying to complete work. As many of the faculty and staff are prior military, there is an understanding that is obvious to us as students. Christopher Janik

Military Experience

  • Status: Coast Guard

Education History

  • Ph.D. in Health Sciences: Health Care Administration - Trident University International (current)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy - University at Buffalo (2005)
  • MS in Emergency & Disaster Management - Trident University International (2014)
  • BS in Pharmacy - University at Buffalo (2000)