Chante Lindeman, MBA- Human Resource Management

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I received early on my Bacherlors degree in Interior Design and after I graduated I wanted to pursue that profession but the job market was a little, not so favourable at the time so I decided to go back to school to get a more versatile degree. So I received my degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

Hopefully with my new degree, I will be able to open up a whole range of different opportunities. I’m currently working in Human Resources, so, I would like to grow in that profession and maybe one day become a Director of HR. My favorite professor was Dr. Rolf Ezel. He really helped me get through my accounting course as much as it’s a bit of a challenge definitely trying to learn Math online without the professor being there, but he guided me through every assignment, and he was definitely a contributing factor as to why I passed that class.

The overall experience here has been extremely helpful for me in opening up a bunch of different doors. I just have to say the learning style overall was different, but it helped me get to where I needed to be and and I really enjoyed this university.

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