Dr. Nicholas Razum

Dr. Nicholas Razum

Trident University International Graduate

Hall of Distinguished Alumni | Class of 2007

Dr. Nicholas Razum was introduced to Trident University through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department University (LASDU), an employee education program which established Academic Partnerships with a number of accredited colleges and universities, including TUI. Dr. Nicholas Razum has been a Reserve Deputy for LASD for over 25 years as an avocation, during which time he has served as a canine handler and trainer, a field which led to his Ph.D. dissertation topic.

Trident’s Ph.D. in Health Science, with a concentration in Research and Education, has opened the doors for Dr. Razum’s corporate and personal goals. During the last phase of his doctoral program, he was the head of Education and Training for a medium sized pharmaceutical company. His doctorate paved the way to being interviewed and hired by a much larger company with more diverse opportunities. He is currently a Director of Training and Development for Amgen, the world’s largest Biotechnology company, and serves as the chairperson of the company’s Executive Learning Council, their Chief Learning Office.

I completed my doctorate in slightly less than four years with a full time job and frequent overseas travel, a wife and young son, and a demanding avocation. Trident University was an outstanding example of distance education, experienced and supportive professors, state-of-the-art technology, and an involved senior management staff. I’m proud to have earned my degree from them. Dr. Nicholas Razum

Education History

  • Ph.D. in Health Sciences - Trident University International (2007)