Kendra Temple

Contact Information

Kendra Temple

Director, Alumni Engagement & Human Resources Project Manager

Kendra’s journey at Trident has been one of variety and opportunities, enabling her to develop, grow and broaden her skill set to strategically and compassionately serve her team, students, and University. She began in administration, worked in marketing, traveled as a field Liaison, managed a remote field team, and is currently enjoying her role in Outreach and Partnership operations overseeing the department’s process development, training, marketing coordination, event research/facilitation, budgeting, project management, and strategic development of tools and resources to improve efficiencies for the remote field team.

She is passionate about what she does and is committed to the success of students, prospective students, her team, and Trident.

Sparking a fire in someone to continue their education is powerful and extremely rewarding. Supporting that person’s journey to complete a program that then enables them to achieve their goals is simply priceless. Kendra Temple

Education History

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theater - University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (2003)
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) (2008)