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Online College for Army Soldiers

Trident University is proud to participate in ArmyIgnitED (previously GoArmyEd) so that eligible active duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve Soldiers like you can pursue fully online associatesbachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees through Trident.

It is one of our chief visions as an institution to be able to give back to those who serve our country by helping them achieve a high-quality education. We strive to be as military-friendly as possible and provide our army students with the support they need to be successful during, and after college.

"I know the army pays for college, but don't know where to begin."

This is a comment we hear often from Army veterans and active duty service members. They know they have earned some great military education benefits through various Army education programs, but don't know how to use them.

If you are in the Army and considering going to college, don't let the process worry you. Contact Trident and we'll walk you through everything you need to know and do to get enrolled in college and achieve your goals.

In honor of William "Joe" Gainey for his 33 years of loyal and dedicated service to the mission and to our Nation, Trident is offering a graduate degree scholarship to all eligible active duty, reserve, and national guard members currently serving in the U.S. Armed Services.

Application Steps

Talk With Your Ed Office

Military students requesting Tuition Assistance (TA) must speak with their local education office to determine their tuition assistance benefits and receive guidance prior to enrolling at Trident University.

  1. Speak with your local Education Office to ensure your eligibility for tuition assistance and complete any required training (each branch may have a slightly different process and requirements).
  2. Ensure you are following your service branch requirements including the time frame to submit your tuition assistance application.
  3. Questions regarding your tuition assistance approval or requirements should be directed to your local education office.

Applying at Trident University

All Soldiers using Military Tuition Assistance (TA) who want to earn a degree through Trident must submit a Common Application through the ArmyIgnitED portal (previously GoArmyEd).

Visit the Army Tuition Assistance portal.*

*You may need to create an exception for this website in your browser. To do so, follow the steps below based on the internet browser you are using:
Google Chrome: Click on “advanced” when the “Your connection is not private” message appears. Click on “proceed to xxx (unsafe)" Firefox browser: On the warning page, click “Advanced”. Click “Add Exception”.
When the Add Security Exception dialog appears, click “View”. The Certificate Dialog will appear.
Internet Explorer: When you see the “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” page, click on “Continue to this website (not recommended)”

Trident is not responsible for the security of external websites.

For Doctoral Degree Seeking Students

If you wish to pursue a doctoral program with Trident, you do not need to submit a common application through the army portal. Instead, apply online through Trident. For more information, call 800-375-9878.

Important Information

If you wish to transfer from a bachelors program to a masters program with Trident, you will need to change your programs and resubmit your application.

Once your account has been set up and a common application submitted, Trident University will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. If you have questions for Trident please direct them to TMAC@trident.edu

Student Agreement

After you submit your common application to Trident, we will create a student file for you. After we receive and review all of your official transcripts, including all academic institutions you have attended and your military transcript, a transcript evaluator will create an official Student Documented Degree Plan. This plan cannot be created unless we have received all official transcripts. No exceptions.

After your plan has been approved, Trident will upload it to the GoArmyEd portal. The VOLED Program Manager will upload your approved plan to the army portal and your Education Center will receive notification that it was uploaded to your e-file/Student Agreement tab. Your Educational Service Officer is obligated to review your plan and post it on your army records, confirming it was reviewed. If the deadline is missed for posting your plan, you will be placed on automatic hold and prevented from enrolling in further courses until the hold is lifted.

Again, we will be unable to upload your degree plan to the army portal if you do not submit your application to Trident or if your home college is not designated as Trident.

Non-degree seeking students: Official Student Documented Degree Plans cannot be uploaded.

Grades: Your grades are automatically updated through the portal. Posting usually occurs within five business days after official grade posting. You may also request to have Trident mail or email grades to your Education Center for your army records.

ArmyIgnitED Registration (previously GoArmyEd)

Trident University is honoring Army's Exception to Tuition Assistance Policy (ETP) while they transition to ArmyIgnitED. Reach out to the Student Finance Department at 877-835-9818 or by email at studentfinance@trident.edu for additional information.

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For more information, please contact our admissions department. We're available Monday - Friday from Monday-Thursday 7am-5:30pm PDT | Friday 7am-5pm PDT 800-579-3197.

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